SPRING FOR MOLD DIES u‚c‚`‚h ‚r‚o‚q‚h‚m‚fv&uTRY ‚r‚o‚q‚h‚m‚fv

@ ‚s‚n‚o | ‰ïŽÐˆÄ“à | »•iˆÄ“à | \ž•û–@ | ‹ZpŽ‘—¿
Compression Spring        
‚g‚n‚l‚d Product Presentation ˆ³kƒRƒCƒ‹‚΂Ë

Try Spring Specification
Value of spring load
Load(N) = Spring Contstant x Deflection (mm)
Value of spring load
Load(Kgl) = Load(N) x 0.101972
Value of spring solid length
solid length(mm) = Spring dim x (effective coil +3)j
Value of spring Deflection
Deflection (mm) = free length - solid length
Stainless wire (SUS304)
MAT. DIM ƒÓ0.16mm ~ 1.20mm 3183 Items
Piano wire (SWPA)
MAT. DIM ƒÓ0.35mm ~ 1.20mm 3007 Items

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Stainless wire(SUS)

‚OD‚P‚U ‚OD‚P‚W ‚OD‚Q‚O ‚OD‚Q‚R ‚OD‚Q‚U ‚OD‚Q‚X ‚OD‚R‚Q ‚OD‚R‚T ‚OD‚S‚O ‚OD‚S‚T ‚OD‚T‚O ‚OD‚T‚T
@ @ ‚OD‚U‚O ‚OD‚U‚T ‚OD‚V‚O ‚OD‚W‚O ‚OD‚X‚O ‚PD‚O‚O ‚PD‚Q‚O         @

Piano wire(SWPA)

‚OD‚R‚T ‚OD‚S‚O ‚OD‚S‚T ‚OD‚T‚O ‚OD‚T‚T ‚OD‚U‚O ‚OD‚U‚T ‚OD‚V‚O ‚OD‚W‚O ‚OD‚X‚O ‚PD‚O‚O ‚PD‚Q‚O